BUSYZ is based on Exclusivity- We only accept one member per category and location. Our business model ensures that there is no competition among our members and they are able to grow and obtain qualified referrals. We are looking for professionals who are interested not only in promoting their business but to obtain clients and get Results! So, if you're interested in becoming exclusive in your area, don't delay- Claim your Exclusive area and see the growth of your business climbing higher as you submerge into the networking oasis.

    Get new clients through referrals: On average, BUSYZ helps members grow their network faster than any other referral networking Group.

    Build a productive and lucrative business network: This is the online 'word of mouth' advertising translated into online and offline networking and client referrals.

    Receive significant exposure for your business and allow other members to promote you through their channels and network. Our Model saves you time & money and lets you into the circle of networking.

    There is No need for weekly meetings and unnecessary expenses- we have you covered with a networking community of referrals.

    BUSYZ "Let's Meet for Coffee" is a simple and easy to use feature to meet other members in your network.

    BUSYZ "Refer" is a simple and easy to use feature that sends a two way Referral notification to both members & potential clients.

    BUSYZ "Invite People" is a simple and easy to use feature that allows you to Invite highly qualified professionals and recommend them to join our BUSYZ Business Referral Network.

    BUSYZ provides you with a waiting list, in case there is no availably in your category or your location. You always have the option to join our waiting list and you will be notified as soon as your category and location becomes available.

    BUSYZ is a Business Referral Network that accepts ONLY professionals who were ONLY invited by our existing members to join our platform.

    My obligations:

    Each Member must keep their membership active by constantly promoting and referring other members in their network or to potential clients that might be needing their particular service or product. Hence, as a member you are guaranteed to get referrals and continue expanding your network and business production.

    As a member, you will ONLY invite professionals or Business Owners that you know and recommend to join BUSYZ Referral business network in order to keep your membership active.

    You will read and agree to follow all the BUSYZ Guidelines and Regulations as well as abide by all subsequent changes that may occur at the discretion of our Team.

    You will be responsible to pay your annual dues on time, a failure to do the same will result in cancelling your membership and losing your exclusivity and privilege of using BUSYZ (the annual fee will not be refunded).

    Please be advised that should we receive more than 5 complaints from other members about your conduct, your membership will be suspended and canceled immediately (membership fees will not be refundable).

    We expect all of our members to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. We are looking forward to welcoming you into our highly-specialized business network community!

Annual dues are ONLY $99 per one category (professional occupation) and one exclusive network territory.

Members have an option to apply for more than one category and/or location as long as it is available for an additional fee of $99/year (Limited to a maximum of 5 categories and/or locations).

There are No Setup Fees, No Hidden Fees and No Long-Term Contracts with us.

That's Okay! You'll be surprised at how many people you actually know! The average person has at least 100 contacts.
Some members will get referrals right away and for some it will take a bit longer. It all depends on the type of business that you have and the demand of the same. Please, keep in mind that as your network grows it will translate into more referrals and access to other members that will have the leads that you are seeking to grow your business!
No, we do not have mandatory weekly or monthly meetings. However, we strongly encourage and highly recommend scheduling the time to meet with other professionals in your network. These meetings enable you to refer others and get to know your referral sources on a personal level. Hence, providing you with the opportunity to learn about others and obtain more referrals.
We offer members the opportunity to grow their business whereby our members develop professional relationships, promote their business and obtain referrals. Since, each member has the responsibility to send out referrals to other members- your chances of getting qualified clients are increasing with each meeting and networking.

BUSYZ is based on exclusivity and dominance of the market. Hence, we only accept one member per category per location. If your category or location is unavailable you have the option to search in another category or nearby location and ultimately join the BUSYZ waiting list.

BUSYZ creates a waiting list, in case there is no availably in your category or your location. By joining our waiting list- you will be automatically notified as soon as your category and/or location becomes available.

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